PixEdit 8 - PixEdit Document Scanning Software, Document Processing Software

PixEdit Document Scanning Software

There are 2 levels of PixEdit:

PixEdit OCR - PixEdit plus includes the OCR Engine, Forms Processing, Auto Indexing

PixEdit PRO - PixEdit OCR plus includes Multi Core Processor Threading, Docserver Sub folder creation, OCR Engine, Forms Processing, Auto Indexing

PixEdit from Techsoft is an advanced document capture and raster-handling tool for scanned office and engineering documents. The software is written to enable fast document scanning, batch processing and image manipulation of scanned images. The Forms Processing Module can automate indexing of many document types, making the product very effective and providing many cost benefits. The software has many useful applications, but any scanning bureau, document scanning company or any one processing large volumes of scans should use PixEdit

Twain Scanning using ScanBar, Integration with Document Scanners

Twain compliant for controlling Twain Scanners, compatible with most Kodak Scanners, Canon Scanners, Fujitsu Scanners, Panasonic Scanners and many more.

Comprehensive Twain scan settings are available and also one touch fast scanning using the ScanBar window/facility makes PixEdit the ideal document scanning software package.

PixEdit it ideal for drawing scanning and large format scanning applications.PixEdit has in built drivers for various Contex, Colortrac and Oce scanners.It is also very suited for opening and editing large drawing scans.Often old drawing scanners may have software that is not longer compatible with todays operating systems, PixEdit may be the solution to keep your old Contex Scanner running.

Scanning and automatic post processing of documents with PixEdit

Once the scans have been created Via the ScanBar in PixEdit, the files will usually need to be processed, this can involve a huge number of operations, but typically, Deskew, Blank Page Removal, OCR, Barcode Separation to mention just a few.The following video describes the After Scanning Profiles.

After scanning profiles in PixEdit

Document Scanner Manufacturers and PixEdit

Kodak Document Scanners -Ideal replacement document scanning software to the very expensive Kodak Capture Software. With the use of PixView for scanning and PixEdit as the backend Processing software, we can offer a far more cost effective solution for higher end Kodak document scanners.

Canon Document Scanners

Fujitsu Document Scanners

Panasonic Document Scanners

Post Processing of Scanned Images

Full high speed post processing facilities either immediately after each scan or as an off line post processor, for overnight post processing of scanned images for example.PixEdit works as well with Document Scanning applications as it does Drawing Scanning applications.There many features for processing images and editing images, some of the features are as follows:

:: OCR, optical character recognition, searchable PDF creation (with optional OCR Module)
:: Auto Indexing (with optional OCR Module)
:: Barcode batch separation with multi layer capability, file separation
:: Barcode processing including email to and save functionality
:: Forms processing, data extraction and document indexing
:: Deskew
:: Crop
:: Despeckle
:: Black Border Removal
:: Scan Page Split, Page Re-sort into original order, eg book order, magazine order
:: Blank page removal
:: Automatic Orientation (with optional OCR Module)
:: Rotate
:: Size adjustments
:: Automatic colour reduction (ACRO)
:: Contrast enhancement, Brightness/Contrast adjustments
:: Image Toning adjustment
:: Mirror Scans
:: Powerful Macro generator for generating bespoke processing operations
:: Handle very large scan files, in terms of large Mb size and large dimensional scan size
:: Ideal for handling well log scans, seismic data scans
:: Edit Well Log Scans and Seismic Scans
:: Combine scans, split scans
:: API interface
:: Stamp scans, watermark scans
:: Redaction
:: PDF Markup, including Sticky Notes, Lines, Text, Circles

Docserver Processing of Scans and Images

At the same time as you are scanning or working manually with documents, and is a fully integrated part of PixEdit®, DocServer can serve and process an unlimited number of folders that are continuously filled with documents from network scanners and/or multi functional devices.Docserver is a very powerful batch processing solution.

DocServer in PixEdit, Batch Image Processing and Scan Processing

Alternatively PixEdit can be setup as a central processing resource. Installed on a server or a PC which can save the documents to the server, PixEdit can have number of Docserver processing Queues setup, each Queue can be related to a customer or Job and has a defined set of tasks, for example:

Blank Page Removal
Automatic Orientations
Forms Processing and Automatic Indexing
Barcode Separation

PixEdit Working as a centralised processing facility. PixEdit Docserver, Scanning Software

Docserver will continually poll the folders for incoming work. Multiple Folders can be polled simultaneously. docserver will pick up files arriving, process them and save them to the output folder.

PixEdit® PRO

What's the difference between PixEdit® and PixEdit®PRO?

PixEdit® PRO does a few more things than the ordinary PixEdit®. The most important difference is that the PRO-edition fully supports multiple processor cores in modern PCs. The DocServer production capacity in the PRO-edition may therefore be many times as high as the standard-edition of PixEdit®.

The PRO-edition also includes OCR (text recognition), as opposed to the standard-edition where OCR is an option. You will also find several other useful functions in the PRO-edition, such as a more extensive user interface in DocServer.

:: Full multi-core processing capabilities
:: Includes OCR (text recognition)
:: Enhanced DocServer functionality and user interface

Purchase Online

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Further Information

::Video Tutorials

::Download PixEdit

::Visit pixedit.com

Scanning/Processing Features

::DocServer Batch Processor

::Scanning - Twain

::OCR Processing

::Searchable PDF Creation

::Barcode Separation

::Supported File Formats

::Forms Processing

::Auto Indexing

::Page Split and Sequence

::PDF Bookmarking Tool



::Auto Colour Reduction

::Blank Page Removal


::Macro Recording

Image Editing Features


::Page Resizing

::Page Orientation

::Black Border Removal

::Margin Cleanup


::Image Cropping


Page Features

::Page Split and Sequence

::PDF Bookmarking Tool

::Page Joining

::Page Stacking

::Page Rearranging

::Blank Page Removal


::Page Manipulation


::PDF/A Conversion

::Vectorising to DXF


::Viewing Features

Features, in Brief

::Document Scanning

::Drawing Scanning

::Barcode File Naming

::Batch Processing

::Multiple Queue Processing

::ACRO, Auto Colour Reduction

::Powerful Twain Scanning

::Batch Processing

::Batch Convert 150+ Formats

::Crop Scans, Mirror Scans

::Page Split, Page Sort

::Blank Page Removal

::Black Border Removal


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