PixView® 7 - Viewing, PDF Markup and Document Scanning Software

PixView Raster, TIFF, PDF Viewer

PixView is a sophisticated scanning software program for multi layered raster viewing, scanning and printing documents stored in raster format. PixView fits into almost any document management installation because of its automatic file format recognition.

PixView is particularly good at opening large raster files, such as Well Logs, or Seismic Information Graphs with powerful zooming and panning facilities.

Twain Scanning and Document Scanning Software

Twain compliant for controlling Twain Scanners, compatible with most Canon Scanners, Fujitsu Scanners, Panasonic Scanners and many more. Comprehensive Twain scan settings and also one touch fast scanning using the ScanBar window/facility.

ScanBar in PixView Document Scanning Application

Ideal Document Scanning Software for:

Kodak Document Scanners -Ideal replacement document scanning software to the very expensive Kodak Capture Software. With the use of PixView for scanning and PixEdit as the backend Processing software, we can offer a far more cost effective solution for higher end Kodak document scanners.

Canon Document Scanners

Fujitsu Document Scanners

Panasonic Document Scanners


PixView, like PixEdit has Redaction Tools for removing sensitive data from scanned images.Please see this video for further details:

Why PixView?

Full post processing facilities immediately after scan time or as an off line post processor, for overnight post processing for example, including:

:: Document Scanning Software - TWAIN Scanning Software
:: Scans output to many file formats, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PDF Archive
:: PDF Markup, PDF Annotation
:: Reduces network pressure with Tile-on-demand technology
:: Loads documents very quickly
:: PixView has an intuitive userinterface that can be adapted according to task
:: PixView has an Overview window for large documents
:: PixView has a Thumbnail bar and document preview in the Open-box
:: Optimises images to make even small text readable
:: PixView can be used to compare raster documents

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Further Information

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::PixEdit Software

::PixJet Software

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Features, in Brief

::TWAIN Scanning

::Document Scanning

::PDF Markup

::PDF Annotation

::Large Scan Files


::Thumbnail Viewing

::Reduces Network Traffic

::File Comparison

::ACRO, Auto Colour Reduction

::Well Log Viewing

::Seismic Scan Viewing

::Overview Window


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