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Chronoscan is a comprehensive Forms Processing Application. ChronoScan Enterprise utilises all the features of ChronoScan Advanced (Desktop), in fact Enterprise comes with a copy of ChronoScan Advanced for Administration and Design purposes, but the rolls out the solution to users on the network via a Web Browser interface. This also means that ChronoScan Enterprise is a true Server application, and runs as a true service on the server. Users can then be allocated tasks and permissions can be specified, creating a robust, secure environment where, for example, settings for jobs can only be adjusted by those with permission to do so.

ChronoScan Advanced with the Browser interface means that the product is now a complete multi user application, with ChronoScan Advanced (Desktop) users had to login to a shared resource using Remote Desktop, one at a time.

There are 3 user types that are largely self explanatory:

:: Operator

:: Indexer

:: Superuser

The web interface and ability of multiple user access, mean that it is far easier to roll out ChronoScan jobs to many departments over a business, making the system more cost effective over the business, as each user can control the jobs from the respective department and authorised document types, without needing new installations of Chronoscan.

ChronoScan Enterprise uses an SQL database, to make the product fast and robust.

Chronoscan Enterprise

Like ChronoScan Advanced, Enterprise is incredibly customisable, with VB scripting in almost all areas of the product and each workflow process to enable specialist tasks to be performed to achieve tasks that in most applications are not possible.

In its simplest form, Chronoscan can be used to monitor a folder of incoming batches of Delivery notes.

Chronoscan will import this batch, split the batch into individual delivery notes, index the delivery notes with the delivery note number, OCR the scanned delivery note, Validate the index against a set of rules or against a database lookup, and export each delivery note as the DeliveryNoteNumber.pdf

In more complex environments, Chronoscan will take in scans of your Purchase Invoices, recognise which supplier the invoice is from, extract the header information, such as:

:: Invoice Number
:: PO number
:: Date
:: Supplier

Then Extract Line entry information for example:

:: Line1: 80Gm paper, 5 packs, 15each

Then Validate that the line items total, plus VAT equals the Gross.

PixEdit Docserver, Scanning Software
PixEdit Docserver, Scanning Software Perhaps lookup the PO number and compare to the totals.

Export the scans to a server folder and update your Accounts system with the extracted and validated data that was extracted from the scan.

Post Processing

Full high speed post processing facilities either immediately after each scan or as an off line post processor, for overnight post processing of scanned images for example. There many features for processing images, some of the features are as follows:

:: OCR, optical character recognition, searchable PDF creation (with optional OCR Module)
:: Barcode batch separation with multi layer capability, file separation
:: Barcode processing
:: Forms processing, data extraction and document indexing
:: Deskew
:: Blank page removal
:: Automatic Orientation
:: Rotate
:: Contrast enhancement, Brightness/Contrast adjustments
:: Full multi-core processing capabilities

Further Information

::Video Tutorials

::PDF Brochure

::Compare Versions

::Download Chronoscan

Typical Applications

::Accounts Payable

::Invoice Processing

::CofC Scanning

::Delivery Note Processing

::Barcode Processing

Features, in Brief

::Client Server Architecture

::Thin Client Interface

::Multi User Support

::Multilingual GUI

::User Role Support

::Automated Workflow

::Multiple Servers

::Server Load Balancing

::Notifications Engine

::IMAP client

::Logging and User Stats

::High Speed Browser Editing


::Barcode Processing

::Barcode Separation

::Intelligent Document Recognition


::Batch Processing

::Multiple Queue Processing

::Forms Processing

::OCR Trigger system

::XML/CSV Export

::Nuance Plugin

::Zonal OCR

::Database Lookup

::Comprehensive Validation

::Direct Database Connectivity

::Automatic Indexing

::Blank Page Removal

::Automatic Orientation

::Unlimitied Hotfolders

::PDF Bookmark creation

::VB Scripting

::Invoice Processing

::Invoice Line Entry processing

::Complex Export System


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