FileStore Document Retrieval System - Affordable, Entry Level Document Retrieval System.

FileStore is our entry level Document Management System/Document Retrieval System. Is is based on MS Access, which gives the client the massive advantage that the data is in a standard Microsoft format. I,e there is no traps, the index data exists in a simple Microsoft Access Database Table, which can be copied or exported at will.

Filestore allows a user to do a full text search on PDF files. This is searching for text that existed on a scanned page. a very powerful feature. Again FileStore will be using standard PDF and PDF/A files, so there are no traps with compatability into the future.

Index fields in the database will normally be pre-defined by us, based on your requirements. These index fields can the filtered on and searched. There are 2 main methods of searching:

:: QuickSearch - This is a one box search where a user enters a pience of text that should exist in one of the index fields. FileStore will search all records in all fields for this data, and present the results.

:: Advanced Filtering - This is run from the dropdown menus available on each field of the database. Please see the diagram below. Each field can then be filtered individually, to reduce the number of results. In addiditon a filter can also be applied to an existing filter on the same field.

FileStore is an ideal solution in conjunction with our scanning services, Click here for further information.

filestore document management screen image

Useful Links

::Scanning Services

Features, in Brief

::MS Access Based

::Full Text PDF Searching

::Customisable Index Fields

::Multi User

::Multiple Filing Cabinets

::Advanced Filtering

::Quick Search

::Edit Index Records

::Quick Search and View


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