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PixEdit Document Scanning Software

PixEdit has many useful applications ranging from busy Scanning Bureaux to Processing the output from Multi-function copier scanner printers in a small office.

Scanning Bureaux - Scanning and Processing

Scanning Bureaux will use PixEdit in a number of ways. Firstaly PixEdit can be used to drive a TWAIN Scanner. PixEdit has a very useful ScanBar Window which allows a user to quicky operate a fast production scanner and submit the scan images directly to a Docserver Queue for post processing operations, such as:

Blank Page Removal
Barcode Separation

Scanning Bureaux - Central Processing

Alternatively PixEdit can be setup as a central processing resourse. Installed on a server or a PC which can save the documents to the server, PixEdit can have number of Docserver processing Queues setup, each Queue can be related to a customer or Job and has a defined set of tasks, for example:

Blank Page Removal
Barcode Separation

Docserver will continuially poll the folders for incoming work. Multiple Folders can be polled simultaneously. docserver will pick up files arriving, process them and save them to the output folder.

Printing, Pre-Press and Book Scaning

We have a number of clients that use PixEdit as a Pre-press editing tool, preparing PDF files before a print run. Pixedit can:

Move pages to new positions
Delete,add and import new Pages
Split double spread pages into 2 (Perhaps an A3 Magazine scan into A4 sides and re-sort the pages into readable sequence.
Resize pages
Add water marks and stamps
Add Layers
Add text and graphics

Office Document Processing

The use of Multi function copier scanner and printer devices, attached to a network is increasing. PixEdit is an ideal partner for these machines in processing the output scans from them. Docserver can be setup to poll a folder where the scanned files are saved fromt he Multi function scanner. Docserver can then process the files using all the PixEdit functionality, for example:

Blank Page Removal
Barcode Separation

The files are then ready to be saved away into the Document Storage Vault or Document Management System of the company.

PixEdit Tutorial Videos - learn PixEdit Powerful Document Scanning Features in these very helpful video tutorials Video Tutorials

Further Information

::Video Tutorials

::PixEdit Applications

::Download PixEdit

::Visit pixedit.com

Scanning/Processing Features

::DocServer Batch Processor

::Scanning - Twain

::OCR Processing

::Searchable PDF Creation

::Barcode Separation

::Supported File Formats

::Forms Processing

::Auto Indexing

::Page Split and Sequence

::PDF Bookmarking Tool



::Auto Colour Reduction

::Blank Page Removal


::Macro Recording

Image Editing Features


::Page Resizing

::Page Orientation

::Black Border Removal

::Margin Cleanup


::Image Cropping


Page Features

::Page Split and Sequence

::PDF Bookmarking Tool

::Page Joining

::Page Stacking

::Page Rearranging

::Blank Page Removal


::Page Manipulation


::PDF/A Conversion

::Vectorising to DXF


::Viewing Features

Features, in Brief

::Document Scanning

::Drawing Scanning

::Barcode File Naming

::Batch Processing

::Multiple Queue Processing

::ACRO, Auto Colour Reduction

::Powerful Twain Scanning

::Batch Processing

::Batch Convert 150+ Formats

::Crop Scans, Mirror Scans

::Page Split, Page Sort

::Blank Page Removal

::Black Border Removal


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