PixEdit 8 - Cropping of Scanned Images

PixEdit Document Scanning Software

PixEdit Offers some powerful image and scan cropping tools. Huge batches of scans can be automatically cropped, and if required, forced to a paper size, such as A4. Automatic cropping can be setup in PixEdit DocServer, and this can then process folders of scanned TIF, PDF and JPG file amongst many other formats.

Cropping can also be done in manually, or semi manually. The above video nicely describes the use of Page Stack and Guidelines to fix the cropping area. Please also see the video on Page Stacking for further details.

Manual cropping can be performed using a Selected Area or using the Guide lines, by clicking on the ruler bars a guideline is created for you, which can be repositioned along the scan. The Crop can then be applied to just the current page in a Multipage scan, or all pages. Again Page Stack, will be of assistance to the user here.

As with most PixEdit Tools, a tools can be set up and recorded as a Macro, usually for special cropping needs, this macro can then be replayed to unlimited amounts of scans and images. Please also see the Macro Recording Page for more details.

PixEdit Image Cropping Window

Further Information

::Video Tutorials

::PixEdit Applications

::Download PixEdit

::Visit pixedit.com

Scanning/Processing Features

::DocServer Batch Processor

::Scanning - Twain

::OCR Processing

::Searchable PDF Creation

::Barcode Separation

::Supported File Formats

::Forms Processing

::Auto Indexing

::Page Split and Sequence

::PDF Bookmarking Tool



::Auto Colour Reduction

::Blank Page Removal


::Macro Recording

Image Editing Features


::Page Resizing

::Page Orientation

::Black Border Removal

::Margin Cleanup


::Image Cropping


Page Features

::Page Split and Sequence

::PDF Bookmarking Tool

::Page Joining

::Page Stacking

::Page Rearranging

::Blank Page Removal


::Page Manipulation


::PDF/A Conversion

::Vectorising to DXF


::Viewing Features

Features, in Brief

::Document Scanning

::Drawing Scanning

::Barcode File Naming

::Batch Processing

::Multiple Queue Processing

::ACRO, Auto Colour Reduction

::Powerful Twain Scanning

::Batch Processing

::Batch Convert 150+ Formats

::Crop Scans, Mirror Scans

::Page Split, Page Sort

::Blank Page Removal

::Black Border Removal


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