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PixEdit Video Tutorial - 20 DocServer in PixEdit, Batch Image Processing and Scan Processing.

With DocServer, you can set up multiple queues (or folders) of images needing to be processed. Each queue may have a different task, for example, Q1=Auto Orientation, Deskew and OCR to PDF/A, Q2 can be Automatic Crop. You have an expensive document scanner which you want to use to its full potential without having to wait for the After Scanning process to complete. DocServer picks up your scans from your document scanner and processes them in the background using options such as OCR, Blank Page Removal, Black Border Removal and Deskew. The files are then saved in various formats, including TIFF, PDF and PDF/A.

Further Information

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::PixEdit Applications

::Download PixEdit

::Visit pixedit.com

Scanning/Processing Features

::DocServer Batch Processor

::Scanning - Twain

::OCR Processing

::Searchable PDF Creation

::Barcode Separation

::Supported File Formats

::Forms Processing

::Auto Indexing

::Page Split and Sequence

::PDF Bookmarking Tool



::Auto Colour Reduction

::Blank Page Removal


::Macro Recording

Image Editing Features


::Page Resizing

::Page Orientation

::Black Border Removal

::Margin Cleanup


::Image Cropping


Page Features

::Page Split and Sequence

::PDF Bookmarking Tool

::Page Joining

::Page Stacking

::Page Rearranging

::Blank Page Removal


::Page Manipulation


::PDF/A Conversion

::Vectorising to DXF


::Viewing Features

Features, in Brief

::Document Scanning

::Drawing Scanning

::Barcode File Naming

::Batch Processing

::Multiple Queue Processing

::ACRO, Auto Colour Reduction

::Powerful Twain Scanning

::Batch Processing

::Batch Convert 150+ Formats

::Crop Scans, Mirror Scans

::Page Split, Page Sort

::Blank Page Removal

::Black Border Removal


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